Best Club Nights

Shift/Nitty Gritty

Almost single-handedly, Touch Supper Club has established Cleveland's place on the map of ultramodern turntable culture. The last Saturday of each month brings Shift, which vibrates to techno-house beats. The genre's biggest stars -- Akufen, John Selway, John Tejada among them -- have all spun records for dancers in the Touch basement. Many of the same crowd return on the next weekend -- the first of each month -- for Nitty Gritty. This is a groovier, down-tempo style that blends funk, jazz, and soul. In just its first year, Nitty Gritty has built spectacular momentum -- luring Bay Area DJs Andrew Jervis and J. Boogie, Columbus's RJD2, and, in their biggest coup so far, German superstars Jazzanova.