Best Co-Working Space


The office is dead. Old school. Kaput. All the cool (venture capital-backed) kids are setting up shop in shared spaces to launch their projects and dream businesses, all the while getting input and mentorship from those around them. Until very recently, Cleveland didn’t have too many coworking outfits to choose from. LaunchHouse in Shaker Heights is by far one of the top locations — and longest standing — even if that future is up in the air at the moment. The facility opened in 2008. Today it houses 60 businesses. But Launch House isn’t just a place to plug in your MacBook. The facility features acceleration programs and investment opportunities. Shaker Heights is probably going to finalize a plan soon to put the building under new management (and try to do the same thing), which means LaunchHouse will have to find a new home. The future is uncertain in that regard, but its past is well documented.

3558 Lee Rd., Shaker Heights, 216-255-3070,