Best College Bar Crawl

Water and Main streets, Kent

Kent Staters have long enjoyed drunken debauchery at the intersection of Water Street and Main. Thursdays are busiest during the school year, but any night will do. Start the evening slowly at Ray's Place, where you can choose from more than 46 imported and domestic beers on tap. While you're there, lay down a solid base of mac-and-cheese bites and chili-cheese fries to help soak up the alcohol. Then venture into the Loft, where you can hang with goth kids. (Tip: avoid the trough-style bathroom.) Next door is the Zephyr Pub. Known as a hippie hangout, it has a vibe reminiscent of Kent circa 1970, but without the National Guard shooting at you. Just down the street is Mugs Brew Pub, with live bands and enough darkness for you to pretend you're really 21. Cap off your evening at Glory Days' Water Street Tavern, which is run by former student body president Mike Beder and was recently voted Playboy Bar of the Month, after its fine-looking bartenders sent in steamy photos. Depending on the day, you might see a black Neil Diamond impersonator or DJ $crilla scratching onstage. Not that it matters. With Beder's cheap Drink of the Day ($2 margaritas!), you won't remember it in the morning.