Best Comedian

Mike Polk

The very word "comedian" actually doesn't do Mike Polk justice. Sure, you can catch his stand-up act at the Improv or at Hilarities 4th Street Theater, but that hardly scratches the surface of his brilliance. What's more impressive is the guy's uncanny ability to formulate a concept, write it, direct it, and appear in its YouTube incarnation. Polk's videos — among them "The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video," "One Semester of Spanish Love Song" (an ode to Kim Kardashian), and "Ooh Girl! An Honest R&B Song" — have become viral sensations, the truest test of a funny man's mettle these days. Polk got his start as part of the popular sketch group Last Call Cleveland, which formed while the members were Kent State students. And dare it be said that Polk's also really easy on the eyes: Soccer moms and cougars all over town would be relieved to know that you stand a pretty good chance of catching him in a Marco's Pizza commercial during the daytime talk show/soap opera block of the space-time continuum. If not, there's always YouTube.

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