Best Comedy Showcase

Chucklefuck at Bela Dubby

Local comedy shows are often synonymous with mediocrity and dick jokes. But Chucklefuck Comedy Night is refreshing, funny, and, best of all, unpredictable: Every Monday night inside Bela Dubby's hip interior, you can see standard stand-up, video shorts, comic essays, musical comedy, and elaborate stories. The affable and witty Jim Tews officiates, and the performers range from weird homeless-looking types to such established local comics as Mike Polk, Ryan Dalton, and Michael Ivy. With a laid-back crowd, the comics can experiment and take chances. Of course, this occasionally leads even seasoned comics to bomb, which may be why the bar keeps Brooklyn microbrew on tap. But at this totally free event, you're guaranteed enough laughs to cover the cost of admission.