Best Company to Work For

Hyland Software

Someone somewhere at Hyland is going to email us and say we should correct the category to say “Hyland, creator of OnBase” or “OnBase by Hyland” instead of “Hyland Software.” That bit of detail and branding obsession is quite literally the only negative we can come up with for the perennial award-winning software company out in Westlake. Hyland treats employees right — flexible schedules, a vast array of on-site services like a barbershop, ample opportunities for promotion, etc. — and no matter what you call it, you know it’s legitimately not just one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio, but nationally as well. Fortune ranked it No. 48 in the country in 2016, dontcha know.

28500 Clemens Rd., Westlake, 440-788-5000,