Best Concert Venue

The Agora

It might not be the prettiest place in town, but the Agora has the flexibility of two spaces -- a 700-capacity ballroom and an 1,800-capacity theater -- and that means that larger acts such as the Deftones, Slipknot, Travis, and Ween can play in the theater, and smaller indie bands like Modest Mouse and the Dwarves can be booked in the ballroom. General manager and talent buyer Anthony Nicolaidis and assistant manager Sue Dunn are two of the only promoters in town smart enough to book hip-hop and electronic acts, something the city sorely needs. With plans for renovation, the "world-famous" Agora, which has been at its current midtown location (the old WHK studios, where Alan Freed used to broadcast) for 15 years, has the potential to actually live up to its billing.