Best Cooking and Crooning Radio Show

Maximum Consumption

Nothing replenishes the soul like good food and fine music -- preferably served at the same time. Kate Koenig and Liz Stout, hosts of Maximum Consumption on 91.1-FM WRUW, get it. Their weekly cooking show is a concert dedicated to the culinary world. Each hour-and-a-half segment starts with a specific theme: The women might casually chat about how to start your own garden or make a mean cocktail. Then they cook up tasty recipes for derby pies, mint juleps, or vegan mole before seasoning their airtime with songs dedicated to food. As listeners jot down recipes for berry slaw, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood's "Summer Wine" and the Very Knees' "Ohio Peaches" keep your ears -- and tastebuds -- hungry for more foodie fun.