Best Corrupt Politician

Joe Jones

Joe Jones is one dumb sonofabitch. Just ask his lawyer. During his days on city council, he spent the bulk of his time shaking down businesses, mooching bribes in exchange for not putting up obstacles, and raising funds for his fictional Little League team. Here was a guy destined to get caught. But unlike the legion of public officials nabbed in corruption probes this year, Jones at least knew how to make his stupidity entertaining. During his first trial for taking kickbacks from former Mayor Mike White's bagmen, Ricardo Teamor and Nate Gray, Jones' attorney launched the most comedic defense of the year. Given the councilman's utter worthlessness at City Hall, the barrister argued, no one could possibly be dumb enough to bribe him. Call it the imbecile defense. Jones may have been stealing the city blind, but his gift for unintentional satire was standup comedy at its finest.