Best Cougar Hangout

Hyde's Cabana Bar

When the Chagrin Falls steak staple Blake's retooled as Jekyll's Kitchen, a new menu wasn't the only welcome addition: The owners also introduced a side attraction dubbed Hyde's Cabana Bar, a classy outdoor watering hole overlooking the streaming falls. But don't let the lounge atmosphere or Mayberry surroundings deceive you: Come nightfall, Jekyll's Hyde is a monster — all chic vibes and high-end cocktails, the hottest of hot spots for well-heeled, somewhat more mature singles. On any given night, the place looks like a casting call for The Real Housewives of the East Side. Young'uns in the market for a sugar daddy or momma, your one-stop shop is open for business.

17 River St., Chagrin Falls, 440 893-0797