Best Country Roads


Fill up the tank, roll down the windows, pop the moon-roof, and load the CD changer - this town of just over 1,000 people a half-hour southeast of Cleveland is Sunday-cruising paradise. Take the turnpike east to Route 44, make a left, and drive it straight into town. Grab some cheap, home-cooked comfort food at Pastimes on West Prospect Street, then head for the great wide-open. The roads here are rough, narrow, and fast. Be careful around the blind turns and hills - especially at night. Watch for drag-racing high-schoolers, drunks, and the Amish - damn their slow buggies! But feel free to open it up on the gently rolling straights. When you've had enough, visit the local watering hole, the Village Tavern, where you can suck down an ice-cold Pabst and woo the farmer's daughter with romantic tales of the big city. Ah, the joys of the redneck autobahn.