Best Cover Band

Breakfast Club

You don't want to hear Journey; you want to feel them. And for that, you'll need Breakfast Club, Cleveland's most authentic group of '80s rockers. Frontman Dave Brooks is a fast-living falsetto freak who narrowly missed glam-metal fame in the early '90s. Guitarist Billy Morris flung his well-conditioned hair with Warrant. Drummer Paul Holobinko once played behind Chuck Berry. And bassist Brian Dossa -- well, he's a damn good dad and a damn good salesman, but throw some wristbands on this dude, and he'll make shiver the band's loyal female following. They're workhorses -- you'll find them playing somewhere every weekend night of the year. And their set list is vintage glitter-and-glam -- from Journey to the Outfield, Bon Jovi to the Cr¨e. Whether you lived the '80s or missed them altogether, the Breakfast Club is your time machine. Don't forget your leggings.