Best Culinary Excuse for Twitter

Dim and Den Sum

Conventional restaurants exceed at standing still, but the new gourmet food truck Dim and Den Sum refuses to even try. One minute, they're dispensing fresh-fried hot pockets at a farmers market, the next, righteous short rib sliders in MidTown. If only there was a way to keep tabs on this roving kitchen. Well, of course there is: Twitter, Facebook, and soon, a smartphone app. Fans of, say, Dim and Den Sum's ridiculously savory PBLT — a large sandwich layered with roasted pork shoulder, bacon, greens, and spicy sriracha mayo — simply need to check their Twitter feed and hit the road. Chef Chris Hodgson puts in 20-hour days shopping, prepping, cooking, and selling this highly addictive fusion comfort food. But wise to never overstay its welcome, Dim and Den Sum follows the sage advice of one George Costanza: Always leave on a high note. Thank you. Good night, everybody!