Best Culinary Landmark


Who among us has never been to Tommy's? Let him or her stand before us and be pelted with spinach pies and sunflower seeds. After all, Tommy Fello's eponymous Cleveland Heights eatery has been around for 32 years now -- a life span almost unheard of in an industry where businesses are chewed up and spat out like day-old Bazooka -- and some of the joint's current devotees are actually the children (and grandchildren!) of the '70s hipsters who put the place on the city's culinary map in the first place. During the intervening years, as the world around it has progressed from tie-dyes to Wi-Fi, the laid-back little restaurant has gone from counterculture icon to neighborhood linchpin. Happily, though, some things never change: Be ye vegan, omnivore, or health nut, Tommy's still remains one of the coolest, most interesting, and least expensive spots to eat in town.