Best Current Events Recap

Reporters' Roundtable on WCPN's The Sound of Ideas

No offense taken if the idea of a bunch of reporters and newshounds sitting around talking current events sounds like the depths of entertainment programming. But every Friday, 90.3-FM WCPN's The Sound of Ideas grabs a mix of mainstream media hacks, throws on the mic, and lets them talk shop — and the result is some of the most compelling local radio out there for those curious about what's going on around town. The show sifts through a week's worth of headlines, homes in on the most important stories, and recaps them with the very people responsible for peddling the scoops in the first place. It's a unique peek behind the curtain at the personalities hidden under the bylines. The show's success, however, lies in its moderators: Original ringleader Dan Moulthrop knew how to ask questions that simultaneously hit the nuance and overall context of a news event while also steering reporters clear from wonkishness. Since Moulthrop's July exit, The Plain Dealer's Michael McIntyre has proven he's an able pinch hitter.