Best Customer Service

Home Depot

Big-box stores are to customer service what Eminem is to feminism. Nothing is more frustrating than being in an airplane hangar of a store, having to look for something specific, and being at the mercy of a 16-year-old clerk who believes his $6.50 an hour only buys his presence and an occasional grunt. Home Depot, however, may be the one exception to this rule. Sure, it gets a bad rap (see Best Old-School Hardware Store). But it's one of the few large retailers to actually staff its stores with adults. Whether you're looking for cement board or a nuanced discussion of the merits of 68 brands of caulk in stock, these guys know their game. They're also not afraid to dog their own merchandise when they know it sucks -- a critical quality, when that home repair job must be completed before kickoff, and there's no time for a second trip to the store to replace a broken drill bit.