Best Decor


Step into the mad swirl of color and light that is Circo and its attached bar Zibibbo, and you will be inclined to agree with (an only slightly paraphrased) Dorothy: "Toto, I don't think we're in Cleveland anymore." From its serpentine bar of shimmering blue-pearl Italian granite to the chartreuse ceiling's writhing glass sculpture; from the hypnotic fiber-optic-infused half-wall running through the dining room to the fresh orchids blossoming in the restrooms; from the sleek, cantilevered lamps looming over the tables to the tall orange torchères rising out of the floor, Circo is a whirlwind of visual delights unlike anything else in our sometimes-dowdy little hometown. Remarkably, the kitchen's contemporary Italian creations mostly hold their own against the tasty decor, making a dinner at Circo a feast for the tummy as well as the eye.