Best Decor


Tasteful bistros, sedate dining rooms, and subdued settings: We've got them by the score. But for knock-your-socks-off, in-your-face, over-the-top interiors, there is only one place to go in Cleveland, and that's the first-rate fantasyland that is Circo/Zibibbo. Here, the walls glow with orange, gold, and purple pigments. Massive blue pillars sprout tentacles in the form of sleek cantilevered lamps with red, orange, yellow, or blue swirled-glass shades. Tall orange torchères rise up like rows of Martian sunflowers from intricate terrazzo floors. The chartreuse ceiling supports an impressive lighted glass sculpture, its twisted organic shape reminiscent of something by Dale Chihuly or possibly H.P. Lovecraft; and fiber-optic-enhanced glass partitions change colors like the Northern lights. Remarkably, the kitchen's upscale Italian food creates nearly as much excitement as the room itself, making festive Circo/Zibibbo one of the region's most exciting dining destinations.