Best Diner

Grumpy's Cafe

Readers' Choice

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Grumpy's is the most important restaurant in town. The Tremont staple, which you will find bustling and busy every weekend morning, is a cozier, artsier version of a greasy spoon — warm colors and local art decorate the walls of the two-room affair. The menus — one for breakfast/brunch; one for lunch/dinner — cover just about every basic must-have from skillets to burritos to club sandwiches to meatloaf, with aplomb and a few twists befitting its home in a food neighborhood, we'd add. You may not like getting up and leaving the house every morning, but Grumpy's is at least a good reason to.

2621 West 14th St., 216-241-5025,