Best Director

Terri Kent, Guys and Dolls, Porthouse Theatre

With 2004's production of Guys and Dolls, director Terri Kent proved that she can find the heart of Broadway's biggest musicals and turn them into dazzling new experiences. From the cartoonish interplay of Damon Runyon's gangsters to the romance between slick Sky Masterson and prim Sarah Brown, Kent brought out character details that make the difference between a show with music and a unique American art form. Perhaps what comes through most powerfully is the love that Kent has for this material. As Porthouse's artistic director, Kent usually directs two musicals each summer, and she brings her sure-handed directorial style to each. If you know anyone who has ever said musicals are stupid because people don't stop talking and start singing in real life, take them to a Terri Kent musical. They'll be singing her praises on the way out.