Best Director

Terrence Spivey

Readers' Choice

 For many years, Terrence Spivey was the go-to guy for theater at Karamu House, working his directorial magic on many challenging shows. Since he left Karamu, he's been kept busy locally directing a slew of excellent productions. In February at Ensemble Theatre, Spivey showed how he could draw resonant performances out of a talented cast in the August Wilson play Radio Golf. And with Objectively/Reasonable, the story of the Tamir Rice shooting, Spivey brought together various pieces from local playwrights to create an evocative and impactful evening of theater. It was so well received it scored an encore presentation, produced by the Playwrights Local at the Creative Space at Waterloo Arts. He is also involved with directing at convergence-continuum theater in Tremont. It seems no matter where Spivey lands these days, compelling theater is sure to follow.