Best Dive Bar

The Shamrock Inn

Flying under the radar for 30 years, the Shamrock is a true throwback. Ambiance, atmosphere, and nuance? Forget it. You'll also find no self-aggrandizement, no bling-bling, no trendy decor, no Jäger girls circling with ludicrously overpriced shots, no live DJ, and no coordinated special events. The jukebox volume is always kept low, so it's easy to talk to the guy sitting next to you. The clientele is of the no-bullshit variety - softball players, blue-collar workers, and veterans. The bar hosts "Dollar" Mondays and Wednesdays, where domestic beers run $1.50, and Sick Saturdays, with beers and well shots costing just 75 cents. You'll save even more money by not having to buy a fancy shirt - your flannel will fit in just fine.