Best Downtown Beer Deal

The Nauti Mermaid

In these Dust Bowl II days of penny-pinching, the Holy Grail of happy hours is the $1 draft deal. After-work drinkers scout far and wide for the elusive prospect of ordering 15 beers and walking out only $15 down. The catch — and there's always a catch — is that the Lord until now has deposited these sacred bastions only in far-flung locations, and perhaps offered such riches only on Tuesdays in May. But not at the Nauti Mermaid. Monday through Friday, four to seven, the Warehouse District watering hole serves up a one-dollar draft special that beats anything else you're going to find in the heart of the otherwise high-priced downtown area. Bonus round: The 'Maid also offers up a $1 food menu, so hungry snackers can take down dollar sliders and crab cakes alongside that delicious brew. The cheaper it is, the better it tastes.

1378 West Sixth St., Cleveland, 216-771-6175,