Best Drag Queen

Hershae Chocolatae

Hershae Chocolatae's "often imitated, never duplicated" mantra never disappoints those who experience her act, which she regularly drops in Cleveland's gay nightclubs. She takes pride in her impersonations of Tina Turner, RuPaul, and American Idol's Fantasia Barrino. She relishes the dozens of drag-queen pageant titles she's won, including being named one of the country's top 10 impersonators in the annual "Entertainer of the Year" competition. She even lashes back at the naysayers, like the Hershey Corporation in Pennsylvania. Last year the candy-making giant threatened to sue Chocolatae for trademark infringement because of her name. But she got the last word. "Hershae may be sweet, but she is not a candy nor affiliated with any!" she trumpets on her website. "Besides, my name is Her-SHAY, not Her-SHE." Snap!