Best Drive-In

Memphis Drive-In

There's nothing like catching a big-screen flick under an even bigger sky. Freed from the stuffy theater, movies take on a larger-than-life feel at the Memphis, a vintage drive-in where they still play classic '60s intermission commercials, complete with dancing cartoon hot dogs. Yeah, the parking lot is a little rickety and will test your vehicle's suspension, but it only adds to the old-school charm. So does the vintage detachable-speaker system, which a lot of drive-ins have done away with in favor of dialogue pumped in through your radio. Best of all, it's a great value: Admission is just $7 for two first-run movies and $1 for kids under 11. You can even bring in your own snacks and beverages, so a family doesn't have to take a second mortgage out on the house to keep everyone supplied with Goobers. Ohio's only three-screen drive-in, the Memphis is an example of the biggest and best of its kind.