Best Driving Range

The Practice Greens at Bobicks

This ain't your usual bang-a-bucket-and-beat-it driving range. Named for four years in a row as one of the Top 100 driving ranges in the U.S. by Golf Range magazine (does everybody have a freakin' magazine?), the Practice Greens at Bobicks has it all. Fifty grass tees and 30 covered/heated tees look out on a golf-course-like expanse of trees, fairways, and target greens. And there's a separate green you can chip balls to out of rough or sand, along with a large undulating practice green. The well-stocked pro shop has clubs you can actually hit -- and see the ball flight for real, not on a computer -- before you buy. That's a damn smart idea, if you're about to plunk down 400 large for Taylor Made's latest sledgehammer.