Best Dumpster-Diving

JCPenney Outlet Store

Dumpster-diving can be a messy venture. Digging through rotting foodstuffs and wadded-up paper towels in search of reusable treasures is not for the faint of heart. For divers who don't want to break out the hazmat suit, there are the always-clean dumpsters at the JCPenney Outlet Store. They're full of the kind of necessary household items you hate to waste your money on - from hand towels to bed linens. Two of the store's three dumpsters are located in the loading docks and aren't much different from the shelves inside the store. As the delivery trucks are unloaded, slightly damaged items are immediately tossed into the dumpster. If you don't mind a slight snag in your pillowcase, you can save the $10 it would cost in the store. The dumpsters also boast a number of fun odds and ends for poor creative types in need of art supplies, from limbless mannequins to an abundance of cardboard (convenient if you have plans to move). On weekdays, it's best to go after 9 p.m., when the store closes. The selection is best on Sundays. And remember: Super Glue can make anything brand new.