Best Equine Hike for Bipeds

Wetmore Trailhead, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Exploring a horse trail may not be the best idea if you're wearing Rollerblades or pushing a stroller. But then, staying on a paved path isn't really hiking, is it? If you're interested in the real deal, head to the Wetmore Trailhead, located near the intersection of Wetmore and Akron Peninsula roads, and a stone's throw from Brandywine Country Club. Here you'll find a handful of trails -- Langes Run, Butler's, Dickerson Run, and Table Top -- that offer miles of back-to-nature serenity, far from the hiss of traffic and the chirping of cell phones. Sure, you'll need to watch out for horse dung and step aside now and then for a steed sauntering past. But what would you prefer: ceding the right of way to Seabiscuit, or dodging bikers, joggers, and skateboarders in the Metroparks? Thought so.