Best Evening Stroll for Glimpsing the Homes of the Bourgeoisie


We know what you're thinking: Lakewood? And we'll admit that the houses in Cleveland Heights and Shaker may be a wee bit grander. But neither of those enclaves can boast a backdrop as wondrous as Lake Erie, home of the soul-stirring sunset. Venture out for a twilight walk along Lake Road (not Lake Avenue) near Webb Road to sneak a peek at how the haves live: Light pours from the mile-high windows of sprawling colonials and Tudors, massive edifices that'll make you wish that you, too, had become an investment banker. Beyond looms the lake, seducing dreamers and schemers alike with its aura of possibility. It might be Lakewood, but it feels like East Egg -- the kind of neighborhood where Jay Gatsby would settle, if Daisy Buchanan lived across the water in Blenheim.