Best Expense-Account Dinner

Chez Francois

Leave those Papa John's coupons on the fridge. When the big boss is picking up the tab, new dining rules apply. They are: Spend the most money possible, be waited on like a Saudi prince, and order things only pronounceable by a guy with white gloves and a toothpick mustache. Voilà! Chez Francois, nestled on a picturesque canal in Vermilion, is the obvious choice. A former boat-building workshop, the brick structure has been remodeled with soft candles and white tablecloths so soft you could sleep under them. If you like red meat, look for the Filet de Boeuf Wellington -- so tender you can nearly drink it with a straw and wrapped in a puff pastry with foie gras. The wine selection is world-class as well, with some bottles practically requiring a down payment. Disclaimer: Expect some new company bylaws to be enacted after you submit your receipt.