Best Family Outing

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Readers' Choice

Travel the world in your own backyard at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo — as the saying goes — and do it for a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged African safari or South American rainforest expedition. With new and exciting exhibits like the Rosebrough Tiger Passage, and attractions like the giraffe encounter and a 4-D theater, the joys of the zoo will keep families entertained all day long. And with its new commitment to global conservation, you can feel good about the price of admission (still free on Mondays for Cuyahoga County residents) and the extra money you can now donate at the gift shop. Unbeknownst to most park attendees, the zoo actively works in locations around the world to help care for and research endangered species. Given that the Earth's survival is dependent on the next generation, it's probably a good idea to teach children to love what we've all but guaranteed they will lose. Take them to the zoo!  

3900 Wildlife Way, 216-661-6500,