Best Family Steakhouse

Steve's Dakota Grille

Obviously, steak is Steve's bread and butter, and he serves them up in spades -- sirloins, strips, rib-eyes, filets, T-bones, and prime rib included, all USDA prime and choice aged beef, freshly cut, broiled to order, and brought to the table sizzling hot, trailing plumes of oak and hickory smoke. But Steve is no autocrat: Rascally relatives who turn up their noses at red meat can sate themselves on salads, soups, or pasta; and the littlest princes and princesses can feast on chicken tenders and mac and cheese. But when it comes to the imperial coffers, don't lose your head: No one needs to be denied a steak at Steve's because of price. In fact, when the restaurant's most extravagant offering -- a 22-ounce porterhouse -- checks in at a modest $19.49, this could be the perfect opportunity to teach your budding Bobby Flay to distinguish between a filet mignon and a strip steak.