Best Female Bartender

Anne Fitzgerald, Harbor Inn

General manager Dan Novak runs one of the most down-home bars in the city. The Harbor Inn is the headquarters for longshoremen, Flats barflies, and working people of every stripe. The greatest attractions: the $2, 16-ounce master-cylinder cans of Pabst and the bartending of Anne Fitzgerald. She's an unassuming sweetheart of a woman. A teacher by day, she can smartly discuss advanced politics and global issues, yet still make the big screen available to the soap-opera crowd. And she knows how to cater to the professional drunk. Unlike many bartenders, who require police sirens to get their attention, Fitzgerald is ready with a fresh bottle moments before your last one has expired. Aspiring bartenders, take note: If you want to see how the job is supposed to be done, stop by the Harbor Inn when Fitzgerald's on the clock.