Best Female Singer Songwriter

Kate Voegele

Bay Village native Voegele hasn't reached Kelly Clarkson-sized superstar levels yet, but she's getting there. Her second major-label album, A Fine Mess, debuted at No. 10 in May. Her songs regularly show up in TV shows (especially One Tree Hill, where she portrays a singer-songwriter very much like herself). And she's been on the road most of the year, playing gigs and building an already booming fan base. None of this would matter much if Voegele weren't so good at what she does. A Fine Mess (which is produced by hitmaker Mike Elizondo, who's worked with Eminem, Maroon 5 and Natasha Bedingfield) includes some sparkling indie-rock, country twang, folksy confessionals and shimmering radio pop. Voegele makes each and every one of them shine. (