Best Female Vocalist

Uno Lady

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but last winter when we named Christa Ebert's Uno Lady project one of our bands to watch in 2009, we turned out to be pretty damn spot-on. Since then, she's released a cassette-and-digital album of her stunning and unearthly music — composed from layers of interwoven vocals with a sparse synth-drum underpinning — performed at the First International One Man Band Festival in Denver, wowed 'em at one of the biggest Studio-A-Ramas in years (that voice in that courtyard? Damn, just damn), and quite justly called the Def Aliens guy a "whiny bag of dick pus." Ebert's an original and a class act, and though she only hung out her musical shingle a couple of years ago, it's already hard to imagine Cleveland without her music. (