Best Flocking of the Foodies

Epicurean Event Series/The Cleveland Wine School

We may not wear Star Fleet uniforms or travel by transporter, but beneath our cocktail attire, we fanciers of food and wine are just like any other group of aficionados: We like to hang with folks who share our passions -- and to have some major fun while doing it. Happily, we've discovered the premier event for gregarious dining devotees: the multicourse food and wine pairings of the Epicurean Event Series, sponsored by the Cleveland Wine School. Held at the downtown Ritz-Carlton, these major blowouts are scheduled two or three times each year; the next one is coming up on Saturday, November 6. We've been to several of these events in the past, and without exception, the food was sublime, the wine was outstanding, and the opportunity to educate one's palate was irresistible. But in the end, what we remember most is the fun we had just spending time with folks who dig the things we like the best.