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The Urban Orchid

Readers' Choice

Located on West 29th Street and Church Avenue in Ohio City, the Urban Orchid was one of the first businesses to venture into the incipient Hingetown area. Like other florists in town, Urban Orchid offers a diverse array of floral arrangements for all occasions — for a florist, Valentine's Day is like Christmas, Urban Orchid co-owner Brandon Sitler once told Scene — and they do so at a price point most people would find reasonable. They'll also work with you to make custom arrangements based on colors and flowers you prefer, and their shop sells fun cards and trinkets that are, at other florists, merely an afterthought. With prompt, friendly service and exquisite flowers in a prime location, Urban Orchid is certainly a rose among the thorns.

1455 West 29th St., 216-785-3618,