Best Food for Thought

North Union Farmers Market

We don't want to get all Joe Hill-y on you, but supporting the small family farmer is a noble cause. Not only does it ensure our access to food that is locally and responsibly grown, but it also keeps our remaining patches of countryside out of the hands of developers, who snatch up former farmland faster than you can say "ConAgra" and raise bumper crops of Big Boxes and McMansions. Turns out that taking a stand couldn't be more enjoyable either: Just make time to shop the various North Union Farmers Markets (in Lakewood, Cleveland Heights, Olmsted Falls, and of course, on Shaker Square), where the tomatoes are vine-ripened, the melons taste like sugar, and the corn was still growing in the field until about an hour before the truck headed into town. And it's not too late: The Saturday morning Shaker Square market remains open through December 14.