Best Food Truck/ Best Tacos


What can possibly be better than warm corn tortillas stuffed with zesty chorizo sausage or tender shredded beef? How about a truck that delivers those tacos to a street corner near you? Since opening a few years back in Tremont, Barrio has been the go-to spot for reliable, delicious and unique taco creations (and tequila, lots and lots of tequila). Like a certain west-side hot dog bar, Barrio employs an interactive menu, where diners are in charge of designing their own tacos using a pencil and paper chit. All tacos are just $3 regardless the shell, fillings and toppings. When Barrio rolled out its taco truck, they introduced an entirely new audience to joys already widely known by urban residents. Find this professionally operated rig at food truck round-ups, late-night parties and events all over town — or simply head down to Tremont where the tacos sit still.

806 Literary Rd., 216-999-7714,

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Staff Pick (Tacos): La Plaza Supermarket