Best French Fries

The Greenhouse Tavern

You might not immediately think of french fries when you think of Greenhouse Tavern. But we’ll bet you a million bucks that a fry is the first thing you’ll reach for when eating the beef tartar, the beef burger, the lamb burger, the rib steak or any other menu item that’s served with pomme frites. They are too good not to. Of course, you can order them as a stand-alone snack, served with garlic, rosemary and aioli for dipping. We can’t get enough of the gravy frites, GHT’s poutine-style platter with fries, mozzarella cheese curd and rich brown gravy. But for the ultimate fry-related fantasy, you gotta go with the animal-style frites, a poutine that goes up to 11 thanks to bacon, fried eggs, mustard and gravy. You may not need to eat for a week afterwards, but you’ll have fond memories of your last meal.

2038 East Fourth St., 216-443-0511,