Best Fresh-Baked Bread Bargain


Presti's Bakery, a family business in Little Italy since 1903 now run by the granddaughters of the original owner, moved in 1999 from its hole-in-the-wall quarters to a sprawling space a block away on the corner of Mayfield and East 121st. There it was able to offer an expanded menu of prepared food, pastries and beverages, and it's turned into a bustling lunch spot/coffeehouse/ neighborhood meeting place. But the best reason to stop by is still the fresh-baked inexpensive breads, mostly varieties of Italian. A scaletta, a crusty twist dusted with sesame seeds, is only $2. Cleveland is blessed with a host of artisan bakeries that bake sensational loaves on the premises, but none are so affordable. And if you want a biscotti or cannoli also, you'll want to stop here. (12101 Mayfield Rd., 216.421.3060, — Pantsios