Best Frozen Yogurt Marketed as Custard

Strickland's on Coventry

What separates ice cream from custard is a few cracked eggs. Custard has 'em, ice cream doesn't. Although Strickland's calls itself a "custard" stand, its concoction is eggless. When the company started in the 1930s, eggs were too expensive, so the powers that be decided not to use them. They still don't, but we can't tell the difference. Churned fresh each morning, Strickland's "custard" is so thick and rich, it should be served with a knife and fork. An Akron institution since 1936, Strickland's moved to Cleveland last summer. It offers more than 30 varieties of delectable, creamy flavors, including such crowd favorites as apple cinnamon, toffee nut, and coconut. But it's the chocolate that's truly memorable - it has a strong cocoa taste, with a subtle nutty undertone.