Best Gay Bartender

Troy Berry, the Hawk

Think of the Hawk's Troy Berry as the Tom Cruise of Cleveland's gay bartenders. Chiseled face? Check. Buff biceps? Got 'em. Bedroom eyes? Natch. Besides Berry's classic movie-star looks, the reason this Strongsville native manages to attract a throng of drooling late-night fans is clear as a freshly washed martini glass: The 40-year-old Berry is a master mixologist with a gift for specialty drinks. Take his "Gingerbread Man," a $3 shot of Irish cream, cinnamon, and butterscotch schnapps that tastes like a liquefied gingersnap cookie. Created for the holidays last year, it helped celebrate Berry's 2006 career switch from legal assistant to full-time bartender. "I took a huge pay cut, but money means nothing to me," says Berry. "Life is short. Learn to love it."