Best Gay Event

Dancin' in the Streets

Gay activist John Katsaros earns an eternal pat on the back for resurrecting the once-doomed Dancin' in the Streets AIDS benefit. Founded as a downtown street fair in 1985, the annual blast gradually expanded for 20 years. But that created a problem for its sponsor, the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. The agency simply didn't have the jack to put on the massive event that Dancin' in the Streets became. So in 2004, the taskforce announced that it would pull the plug. When Katsaros got wind of the party's threatened demise, he leaped into action, calling together a corps of volunteers to save the popular summertime blowout and take it back to its 1980s block-party roots. Good thing, too. Last year's dance attracted more than 2,000 people -- gay and straight -- who chipped in nearly $60,000 for the taskforce. "It's your friends getting together in the middle of a street, having a few drinks, laughing, dancing, and joking," Katsaros says. "You don't have to have a lot for people to do to have a good time."

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