Best Gay Romp

"When Pigs Fly"

Beck Center in Lakewood has been turning out shows at the same astonishing rate that Volkswagen turns out Beetles. Just before last Thanksgiving, five giddy, self-proclaimed gay divas donned the wildest feathers and frills, the fruits of six individual costumers. They then commenced to croon, hula, and knock every hoary show-business convention on its tail. The hellzapoppin' conceit of When Pigs Fly is that no self-respecting show queen will heed the advice of his school guidance counselor to forsake the tawdry tinsel of musical theater for the rigors of plumbing. Dean Holt, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the sailor boy on the Cracker Jack box, played Howard Crabtree as a divine teddy bear; director Rob Gibb deliciously straddled the line between deliberate awfulness and counterculture spoofing.