Best Ghostbuster

Mary Ann Wintkowski

Ordinarily, Bill Murray would be a shoo-in for this category, but this year we're all about Mary Ann Wintkowski. The 57-year-old has been seeing ghosts since she was just a wee lass, like Haley Joel Osment in pigtails. It wasn't until she was seven that she learned that other people weren't seeing the same spectral show. For a while she worked as a pet groomer to pay the bills, then switched over to being a medium full-time. Business is good - customers book her as many as four months in advance, at $100-plus a pop, to communicate with their recently departed relatives or chase away poltergeists. And this year sees her going prime-time. Her work inspired CBS's Ghost Whisperer, a new show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, who's just a bit younger and svelter than our local spook hunter. You may think you have a party of five, but what about all the people you can't see?