Best Gourmet Grocery

Miles Farmers Market, Deli & Beverage

If you're looking for valet parking, dramatically lit produce displays, and piped-in classical music, you're definitely in the wrong place. But while its patrons are as likely to include seniors on fixed incomes as smartly dressed yuppies, Miles Farmers Market offers plenty of luxe for your grocery bucks. A bustling cheese department stocks more than 400 types of imported and domestic products, including the rare and wonderful Widmer's Cheese Cellars' eight-year-old cheddar. An enormous selection of fresh fruits and veggies includes everything from apples to exotic mushrooms. And its 3,500-bottle wine department, with its focus on rare, collectible boutique wines, includes bottles ranging from a $20 Parcel 41 Napa Valley Merlot to a six-liter bottle of Ch‰teau d'Yquem Sauterne, priced at $3,000. Whether you're shopping for Marcona almonds or locally grown green beans, Miles has it all.