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Greek Village Grille

We adore Greek food because it's bright, fresh and flavorful, but let's face it: Many of the places that hold themselves out as Greek restaurants are little more than quasi-hygienic gyro delivery systems. Not GVG, which has been keeping Lakewood (and now Broadview Heights) residents awash in delicious Mediterranean comfort food. Sure, there are the best lamb/beef gyros in a three-county territory, but also pita sandwiches built around pork souvlaki, fried fish and Greek sausage (what?!). GVG's dips, and starters like spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves, are textbook. And who doesn't love a place that has the stones to offer a seven-pound, $20 mammoth gyro called Mount Olympus? Toss in cut-rate pricing, fast service, crazy-late hours on Friday and Saturday nights and speedy delivery and you end up with the city's best Greek restaurant by a mile.

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Staff Pick: Greek Village Grille