Best Guitar Repairman

Dan Johnson

When Judas Priest, Sigur Rós, and the Black Keys need to get their guitars fixed, they all know whom to turn to: Dan Johnson. For the past twenty years, Dan Johnson has made his name not by simply repairing and restoring guitars, but by building them as well. He handcrafted Priest’s stage guitars while touring with the band as its guitar tech for five years. He also hit the road with Sigur Rós, working on all their string instruments and building them too. Even Dan Auerbach, the singing half of Akron blues rockers the Black Keys, entrusts his custom guitar work to Johnson. Johnson also serves dozens of Guitar Center stores throughout Ohio and Michigan. While he does take some walk-in clients, the best way to get Johnson to work on your gear is by taking it into your local Guitar Center and requesting that his hands go to work on your precious axe.