Best Gym to Learn the Sweet Science

Alta House

You want frills? Join Bally's, and hop around with the rest of the gym bunnies. This is boxing, a sport that prizes the basics. That's what you get at Alta House, a Little Italy gym that attracts East Side pugilists, despite an aroma like a rotting jockstrap. Casey, the trainer, can be seen growling tutorials. The old cuss has knocked many a young man on his ass -- bruises are lessons. You're paying for that. Or you can whale on the heavy bag by yourself. A bell marks the three-minute rounds all day. And if you still haven't quenched your thirst for destruction, there's a crude set of weight-lifting equipment in the next room. But if you inflict enough pain on yourself at Alta House, it means you can inflict even more pain on the outside. Time to call up that grade-school bully.